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Using music to transform lives, build bridges and improve quality of life

How much is a Music Therapy Session?

Music therapy sessions typically last 30-45 minutes, and can be organised for either individuals or groups. However, each session is tailored to individual needs – for some clients, 30 minutes may be too long, whereas others may require a little longer to fully engage in the session.

The cost for each session works out as follows:
Individual: £35
Group: £35*

* In group sessions, the cost can be divided evenly between each participant. So if there are 2 in the group, the cost would be £17.50 each, for 3 in a group £11.70 each, and so on.

How many sessions should I have?

It’s entirely up to you – we suggest a minimum assessment period of 6 weeks. This will allow both client and therapist to see whether music therapy is a beneficial intervention for the client. After 6 weeks, if the sessions are continued, the therapy can be reviewed at regular intervals or upon request and at each review a decision to continue or end the therapy can be made collectively.

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