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Redwoods recognises the vital contribution that our care staff make to the lives of those we support. We honour, respect, value and support everyone who works with us, and aim to provide a happy, enriching and rewarding work-place experience for all.

We are committed to ongoing staff training and development, providing opportunities for our staff to work towards a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ).

As a Christian charity, it is an Occupational Requirement (OR), in line with the Equalities Act 2010, for our care staff to be committed Christians with a live church connection. Read more about our Purpose, Ethos, and Values here.

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In Redwoods we recognise volunteers as an integral part of the organisation. Their contribution supports our Purpose, Ethos and Values, and complements the role of paid staff.

Redwoods Volunteers are valued for:

  • bringing additional skills and new perspectives to the organisation
  • enabling us to be more responsive and flexible in our approach
  • championing our cause within the wider community
  • enhancing the quality of our work
  • enhancing the wellbeing of the people we support
  • fostering a sense of community within the organisation


We will ensure volunteering benefits the organisation, the people we support and the volunteers themselves.

Volunteers are not used to replace staff and we are committed to offering a flexible range of opportunities and to encouraging a diverse range of people to volunteer with us.

We recognise that there are organisational costs associated with volunteer involvement and seek to ensure adequate financial and staffing resources are available for the development and support of volunteering.

We recognise our responsibility to organise volunteering efficiently and sensitively so that the valuable gift of the volunteer’s time is best used to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Volunteers are given training appropriate to the tasks they are asked to undertake.

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